Recruiter Success Training

We work with recruiters to help them be more successful, effective and to help increase profit. We help them build up the value of their business and see return on the investments they make in recruitment technology and recruitment marketing.  

We offer a face to face and webinar sessions to help recruiters source, attract, engage and place.  Click what you need to be great at!

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We're passionate about making recruiters more effective and profitable.

Our clients love the training we deliver: 

The training was absolutely fantastic, I wouldn't recommend them to other recruitment businesses only because I don't want anyone else to have this training.

The training was great value for money and it is a complete “no-brainer” that we would recommend them to other recruitment companies

We will train your recruiters, at your site (or via webinar if you prefer).  We often begin with a discovery (or training needs analysis), to review what they already know, check that your business goals are supported by the training and ensure that the training is effective and delivers ROI.

How Successful are your Recruiters?

Recruitment Training Needs Analysis

We start every training project with at least a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  We need to know how your teams are using Bullhorn, Bond Adapt, LinkedIn, Job Adverts, Eshots etc... This will either be a quick online benchmarking survey, or we can deliver a more detailed face to face discovery.  What you need will depend upon what your goals are and how much training you need.


  • Your Recruiters not using the CRM properly
  • You are too reliant on LinkedIn and Job Boards
  • Your Job Adverts are attracting the wrong candidates
  • Your recruiters are spending way too long on systems and don't have enough face or phone time.
  • Your data quality is poor and this is driving all of the above

The recruiter training we deliver is key to you to your recruiters' success and that of your recruitment business.  Grab a call with us now, or surf the recruitment training workshops we deliver.

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Recruitment CRM Training

Bullhorn Access First Choice Software Bond Adapt Microdec Profile Recruitment Crm (1)Change doesn’t happen simply because you buy new recruitment software.  We work with recruiters to devise recruitment CRM strategy and implement the best recruitment software solutions.

With 20+ years experience in the recruitment software sector, and strong partnerships with the leading recruitment software providers including Bullhorn and Bond Adapt, we are in a great place to offer the best training and coaching for your managers and recruiters.

The key is not just to buy a training course - it's to spend your valuable, billable time learning how to be a successful recruiter.  ROI is crucial.

The Best Bullhorn Recruitment Crm Training Barclay Jones

The Best Bond Adapt Recruitment Crm Training Barclay Jones

Innovative Job Adverts Training

The Best Recruiter Job Adverts Training Barclay Jones (1)We run the best job adverts training courses for recruiters. We know this because our clients tell us.

Our clients want to increase their job advert responses and make them more relevant.

They want to fill more jobs, reduce job board spend and attract more talent, clients and recruiters.

They want passive talent to say "I wasn't looking until I saw your job advert".

Demonstrate to your clients and talent how passionate you are about your jobs - and learn some critical hacks to get them seen by the right people!

The Best Job Adverts Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

E-shot Training for Recruiters - Generate Leads and Candidates

eshot training for recruitment email marketing barclay jones mailshotNo doubt you have a recruiitment CRM which allows you to send e-shots.  This workshop is designed to focus recruiters around key hacks and tactics to not just send email campaigns, but generate convertible leads and attract passive candidates to their jobs.

Create e-shots that really convert clients and candidates.  

Eshot Training Mailshot Training Barcay Jones Recruitment Recruiters

Eshot Training For Recruiters Barclay Jones

And if you're a marketer we deliver training for really effective email marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Mentoring For Recruitment Barclay Jones Social Media

The Best LinkedIn for Recruiters Training

The Best Linkedin Recruitment Training Barclay Jones GirlOur clients want to see ROI from LinkedIn.  

They want to spend less time on LinkedIn, whilst maximising usage.

We've found that recruiters can spend 50% of their day sourcing, and often most of this time is in LinkedIn.  What's 50% of your average recruiters' salaries...? That's how much you're spending on LinkedIn.

We love LinkedIn! It's a fantastic system for recruiting, engaging, generating and converting leads.

Don't waste critical time on LinkedIn - be a power-user!

The Best Linkedin Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

Getting ROI from Broadbean Training

Broadbean -job -posting -job -adverts -sourcing -recruitment (1)We train recruiters to improve their speed and delivery using Broadbean. We deliver the best Broadbean consultancy and training to make recruiters more successful.

We often find that there are elements of the system that you could use so much more effectively to improve sourcing and placement rates.

ROI from Broadbean is key!

The Best Broadbean Recruitment Training Barclay Jones

Content for Recruiters (and Contented Marketers)

Recruiter sharing and finding content to attract talent and clients barclay jonesWant to generate leads and talent, as well as improve the online profiles of your recruiters and brand? 

Content is a critical part of a recruiter's process.

Speedily generating content, finding it, using it to attract, engage and convert - all of these skllls are key to successful recruiter.

The Best Recruitment Content Training Barclay Jones

Twitter for Recruiters Training

The Best Twitter For Recruitment Training Barclay JonesTwitter is a fantastic tool for sourcing, attracting and engaging but is widely misunderstood by recruiters. It is, however, widely used by your talent and clients and you will be missing valuable opportunities to source, research and engage.

  • There are 13million+ Tweeters in the UK (nearly half of the working population)
  • 63% of the worlds top 250 companies have active Twitter accounts (great for lead gen!)
  • 174 of the top 500 companies have recruitment-dedicated Twitter accounts
But... Tweets don’t place people, recruiters do. 

The Best Recruitment Twitter Training Barclay Jones

Attract the Best Recruiters (with our Internal Attraction Workshop)

attract recruiters to your own recruitment business with barclay jones workshop61% of Recruitment Leaders say that their biggest challenge this year is to hire people for their own businesses... but they admit that their strategies need "upgrading".

We have a great workshop to help recruitment leaders and internal recruitment consultant and talent managers attract, engage and convert their most important asset - other recruiters!

Want to be a Best-in-Class Recruiter?  Want to show your client's how to recruit?  No more "cobbler's shoes" please!

Attract The Best Recruiters To Your Recruitment Business Barclay Jones

Recruiter and Recruitment Marketer Training for Success

Recruitment Training barclay jonesAs you can see from above, we run a variety of recruiter and marketing training courses and workshops to improve recruiter and marketer success.  Not sure of what you need?  Get in touch.

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Want some Free Tips and Hacks for Recruiters?

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