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Your recruitment technology is key to your business growth. It should speed up recruiter effectiveness, help build relationships, create valuable assets and increase sales.  We offer 3 support solutions to help you grow your recruitment business through technology.

We are Virtual IT Directors to the Recruitment Industry

Virtual IT DIrector Recruitment Barclay JonesRecruiters want:

  • Speedy systems
  • Engaged recruiters
  • Management information to drive their recruitment businesses
  • Security
  • An asset to invest in and / or sell.

Our clients want the advice and experience of a commercially-focused IT Director, but often not the salary bill!

The founders of Barclay Jones were both IT Directors of successful recruitment businesses. They won national awards for their strategic and commercial approach to recruitment tech!  We work with Recruitment leaders to devise recruitment technology strategy, and mentor their IT function to deliver cost-effective and recruiter-effective processes and systems.

Virtual IT Director For Recruiters Recruitment Barclay Jones

Recruitment Software Website Crm Consultation

We Deliver the Best Recruitment CRM Projects

Bullhorn Access First Choice Software Bond Adapt Microdec Profile Recruitment Crm (1)Your Recruitment CRM Strategy is critical to the growth and profitability of your recruitment business. Poor product selection, inadequate planning and implementation will result in stress, disruption, low morale, expensive mistakes and stalled growth.  With 20+ years experience in the recruitment software sector, we have extensive experience of the CRM leaders, including Bullhorn and Bond Adapt.

  • 87% of CRM Projects do not have clear and transparent objectives
  • 74% of internal project managers do not have any recruitment CRM project management experience
  • 63% of recruiters think their CRM project was a waste of time

Change doesn’t happen simply because you buy new recruitment software.  We work with recruiters to devise strategy and implement the best recruitment software solutions.

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 Recruitment Software Website Crm Consultation

We Help Recruiters Source and Implement the Best Recruitment WebsitesBest Recruitment Websites Barclay Jones

  • 77% of candidates will check your website before applying for one of your jobs

  • 73% of candidates start their job search in Google
  • 70-80% of surfers ignore paid for search results - therefore if your website works hard (organically) you win!

Recruitment websites are the key to a successful candidate and client attraction strategy.  They also form a basis for a recruiter and investor attraction strategy.

These projects can be very exciting, and extremely time consuming.  And with all of the plugins you may need to link your recruitment processes and tech to the web, you need experts to help drive these projects.  We have project managed countless recruitment websites for our clients and work with the leaders in the recruitment website sector.

Have you ever launched a website?  Was it on time, budget and didn't prevent you from doing your day job?

Recruitment Software Website Crm Consultation

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We work with recruiters to deliver sales-driven processes and systems - and they love the support and training we provide:

Barclay Jones are a crucial asset to this project, offering insight, hands-on help and overall project management skills.

We are adamant that we are not recommending Barclay Jones to any of our competitors because they're our secret weapon. 

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