Digital Marketing and Social Media for Recruitment

We work with recruitment marketers and leaders to grow their recruitment businesses...

  • they want to improve their talent pools to improve speed and cost of hire
  • they want to improve their brand - to attract better clients, more relevant candidates and the best recruiters
  • they want their marketing function to generate leads, not just clicks - ROI is key

We start with a discovery of your existing goals, strategies and tactics. We offer 3 levels of marketing discovery, often followed by mentoring and coaching to ensure a commercially focused marketing strategy.

Recruitment Digital Marketing Workshop Mentoring Barclay Jones

We can then mentor and coach you through our recruitment marketing academy to deliver: 

  • Leads
  • Candidates
  • Recruiters
  • Brand

Our goal is to create marketing excellence, ROI and independence in your business.  What to know more?

Social Media And Digital Marketing For Recruitment

What do Recruitment Marketers Think?

Barclay Jones are practical whilst being strategic.  Up front, direct, honest - they challenged our assumptions and made us think about our growth and strategy

We used to “box tick”.  We are now using digital tools much more strategically and are light years on from where we were before. 

Book a Digital Marketing Discovery Workshop

Starting at £1,000, we deliver Digital Marketing Workshops to help Recruitment Leaders and Recruitment Marketers develop marketing strategies to improve attraction, engagement and conversion. ROI and profit is our ultimate goal.

Book Your Digital Discovery Social Media Recruitment Workshop

Through our Recruitment Marketing Academy, we work with marketers at all levels - from Marketing Director to Marketing Assistants.  Our mentoring and coaching program ensures that marketing strategies are commercially focused and deliver confidence and ROI - it even helps our clients win awards for their marketing departments!  We cover all areas from email marketing, social media roi, and strategies to attract, engage, convert and place.

Recruitment Marketing Mentoring Consultation Barclay Jones Digital

Recruiters are Marketers too! (Or are they?)

For your marketing strategy to be a success, your recruiters need to have sales and marketing-related knowledge and KPIs.  Find out more about our Internal Recruitment Attraction courses, or check out our Innovative Adverts course. We also provide Twitter training and Content Strategy Workshops.

Interested in our recruitment technology offering? Find out more here, or check our Adapt and Bullhorn training courses.

The Best Recruitment Training Barclay Jones 

Recruitment Traing Mentoring Consultation Barclay Jones Linkedin Twitter Adapt Bond Bullhorn

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