Attract the Best Recruiters - Reduce Churn!

Recruitment Leaders - Are you sick of churn?

Are you spending too much of your hard earned fees on attracting talent?

The recruiment sector average churn was 18% in 2015 and 24% in 2016. You can't show this stat to your clients as a testimonial for great recruitment!

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How can an industry specialising in talent attraction spend 24% of its budget on churn?

How can you as a recruitment leader be profitable when you are investing 24% of your time and money of people who leave within a year?

61% of Recruitment Leaders say that their biggest challenge this year is to hire people for their own businesses... but they admit that their strategies need "upgrading".

Want to be a Best-in-Class Recruiter?

  • 40% of best-in-class companies use social media to strengthen the employer brand 

  • 45% of best-in-class companies involve a wide selection of stakeholders I(including marketing) in the internal talent attraction process

You need a practical marketing strategy to attract, engage, hire and retain - or you risk high churn and expensive hiring and rec2rec fees.

Sick of not getting your recruiter hiring right? Sick of churn?  Sick of spending your hard-earned fees on recruiter-churn? 

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Book an Internal Recruitment Workshop

Starting at £1,000, we deliver Internal Recruitment Workshops to help Recruitment Leaders, Recruitment Marketers and Internal Recruitment Consultants develop marketing strategies to improve attraction, engagement and conversion. We then work with you to improve retention through our Recruiter Success program.


For (a lot less) than the cost of one rec2rec placement, we can help you speedily and effectively attract great staff into your recruitment firm. Click here for a free consultation.

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