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Lisa Jones  

Lisa owned a Spectrum 48k as a youngster and loved playing Jet Set Willy and Chuckie Egg! Now a little more high brow, she loves all things tech and collects gadgets which save her time.

Wayne -Barclay -Blog  

Wayne Barclay  

As a young man, Wayne decided that Spectrums were too common and decided to have an Amstrad 64k with tape deck and colour monitor. His favourite games were Roland on the Ropes and Harrier Attack. He blogs about more techie things these days...

Rose Megson Blog Pic  

Rose Megson  

Rose is likely to be heard saying "I really love CRM".  She takes no prisoners on social recruiting too!

Rhiannon -Davies -Blog  

Rhiannon Davies  

Rhiannon was the queen of Tekken and Tomb Raider and is now our PR and Social Media Executive

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Luke Lynam