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The day has arrived: We've gone back to the future!

On this day Marty and Doc crashed into the future and found out how different life is in 2015.

(If you want to feel really old, a couple of our colleagues are the same age as this film!)


While our version of the future might be severely lacking in flying cars and hoverboards, there's plenty of technological advances the film's writers could never have imagined (iPhone anyone!?) 

We decided to put a recruitment spin on things (of course!) and find out how different life is for a recruiter in 2015...
  • In recruitment world a great example of how things have changed. ... you had to post a letter to a candidate to tell them to be at public phone box so you could call them to discuss a potential vacancy!
  • When I was at School you had to work hard when sending a text. If you wanted to type an 's' you had to hit that 7 key four Nokia _3310_bluetimes.
  • Years ago, interviews had to be in person - now we have the wonders of video calling all over the world!
  • 20 years ago CVs would be filed in a drawer - now everything is accessible online, saving the trees woohoo!
  • Not too long ago you'd have no idea who your candidate was before the interview - now you can find out their great grandma's secret cupcake recipe using Google if you know how!
  • Floppy disks.3.4_inch _floppy _disk
  • Word perfect 5.1 for dos radicalised by windows 3 then 95.
  • Mind was blown by having a mouse!
  • Back in the day it took 10 - 15 minutes to load a computer game from tape... and tapes and vinyl where the only way to listen to music.
  • The Internet barely existed... I had no mobile phone! I stared out of the window on trains or read a magazine. ..Now I am literally the Internet of Everything human and I never look at the view out of the train window!

What about you? Have you been in the game long enough to see the impact technology has had?

Or are you a computer kid with no recollection of the dark times before the Internet became ubiquitous?

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