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We had a bit of an exciting time last Friday.  We had an away day (we try and do this every quarter).  Last time we swung through the trees at Go Ape and had an awesome time (travelling by zip wire is the way to go!).

One of our biggest expenses is coffee!  We love the stuff.  Equally, we appreciate a good coffee shop and when we get a coffee with a pretty flower, leaf, elephant, we respect the science – or so we thought!

So, Wayne booked us onto Limini’s Latte Art course.  We turned up pretty confident and said things like “I’m going to nail that bear”. Stuart, the Barista (guru) was very patient with us and as the day went on had to deal with the odd F work and spillage – and the obvious frustration.

Trust me, when you get a cup of coffee and the milk has been formed into a beautiful picture – take a moment and give a mental high 5 to the person to lovingly made it.  It takes some serious skill (and often years of practice).

Here are some memories:

  • The milk should not be heated up to more than 70 degrees c
  • Listen for the chirping!
  • Get that jug spotlessly clean!
  • The milk should be cold
  • Full fat milk is best (damn!)
  • Tap and swirl, tap and swirl baby!
  • And… it’s BLOODY hard!

So, thanks to the Limini team – the day was great but we won’t be giving up our day jobs.

(By the way, the bear and elephant - not a chance (that's Stuart's art!)

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