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It’s the time of year when our newsfeeds are clogged up with friends’ and family beach, pool and sunshine pictures and those of us at work are get “distracted” (fed up) with images of cocktails, sea, beach. When did pictures of feet at the end of legs on a beach become the norm?  The web is also bombarding us with the top places to go on holiday in 2015.

Beach or Interview?

It’s also the time of year when recruiters are doing a mashup of face palming, head bashing desks and generally trying to continue to hit target even though their clients and talent are more interested in sunning themselves than attending interviews.

Talent chews wasps on the plane back and expects the recruiting community to get jiggy with it.

Clients want to change their talent overnight and "get in" before Santa comes...

In September the world goes into overdrive and recruiters are yelling "Punch it Chewie".

Dream Holiday?

So, in the spirit of holidays, and the fact that we all have our dream holidays (which funnily enough don’t include our kids getting covered in ice cream or needing factor 50), we asked the Barclay Jones team about their dream holiday – no doubt some holiday deal searching went on that evening!

If anyone fancies providing these trips for the Barclay Jones team, please do not hesitate to get in contact!

Lisa -Jones 100Lisa Jones

I am in a hammock, on a beach, ideally in Thailand.

I am being served cocktails by Chris Pratt, whilst Bradley Cooper is at the ready with factor 50, reading me the latest T3 Tech Magazine.

I can grab my mask, fins and snorkel and swim with the pretty fish, confident that the sharks are not within 100 miles.

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Wayne Barclay

My dream summer holiday would be a 6 week tour across South America. Trekking through the Amazon rainforest (avoiding snakes as much as possible), living with a local tribe for a few days, and discovering some lost temple (ideally full of gold!).

From there a plane (ideally private) will jet us to Chile, where a car is waiting (Range Rover?). An adventure into the Atacama Desert, towards the Paranal observatory to experience some of the clearest skies in the world.  From here a quick trek to Macho Pichu would be ideal, before finally heading to Rio to experience the opening ceremony the Olympics 2016.

Jay 100Jay Corben

I say this is my dream holiday because I know in reality I probably won't do this following me having some serious sea sickness sailing round the Whitsunday Islands... anyhow…

I dream about travelling around all the Greek Islands on some amazing yacht with my family, eating fresh sea food and watching the sun set over the water with something large and chilled in my glass. Stopping off at all the tourist hidden coves and swimming in the clear blue waters admiring the stunning scenery.

Katie -100Katie Cross

My dream summer holiday would be going to Thailand with the girls - starting in Bangkok and making the most of the fabulous department stores.  Then hopefully with some room left in our suitcases, jumping on a plane to Koh Samui and sitting on Chaweng Beach in the sunshine, eating fresh pineapple and drinking cocktails! I would go back to Thailand tomorrow!

Rose Megson (PNG)100x 100Rose Megson

I pretty much had my dream holiday last year. A tour of California, starting in San Fran then wine country, Napa and Sonoma. Watching Sunset over half dome in Yosemite, meeting General Grant the world’s largest Sequoia tree. Sunrise in Death Valley and ending in Vegas. AMAZING! I left a piece of my heart in Death Valley, maybe because I’m a sucker for heat but I fell in love straight away. It’s like being on another planet. The colours as the sun comes up and then set are magical. Sitting in the warm breeze at night, staring at the night sky is something I will never forget. I hope to go back sometime in my life.

Matt Hull 100x 100 PNGMatthew Hull

For me it’s a close call…either travelling round the whole of Italy seeing the sights and sampling the many flavours and regional food and wine. Of course I would be fluent in Italian and avoiding the tourist hot spots to get a true taste of Italy. The other is pretty much Rose's dream holiday she went on last year (very jealous) touring the West coast of the USA. If pushed I'd probably head to Italy first but USA the following year!!

Scott -100 (1)Scott Nicholson

I'm going to be really boring and just talk about a trip I took back in 2012. A friend and I travelled up the east coast of Australia and it was pretty epic. Along the way we snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, went white water rafting through a rain forest, visited the largest sand island in the world and we also did a sky dive.

What would your dream holiday be? Let us know in the comments below!

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