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Everyone knows Recruiters love to party. Work hard, play hard is the mantra of many a recruiter. 

Most of the Barclay Jones team are ex-recruitment. 5 out of 8 of them in fact! So we will take any excuse for a party, and April 3rd is world party day! So we decided to let everyone know what our dream parties would be like, just so we could get them that bit closer to reality. Can you guess which of us are ex-recruitment and which aren't? Some may be easier than others!

Lisa Jones

Lisa -Jones -BlogSo the party would be on a beach in Thailand. Jamie would be there running a bbq. I'd have Above and Beyond, Paolo Nutini and Bebel Gilberto on stage. Bradley Cooper would have my first dance ticket. Need I say more?

Wayne Barclay

Wayne -Barclay -BlogMy perfect party would be somewhere in the article circle, in summer so the sun never sets… It would be an open house, everyone’s invited and anyone who is anyone would be there. For the music, it would be full of Rave, Pete Tong, Paul Okenfold, Sasha, Above and Beyond, all spinning the wheels of steel (or SD cards now!).

Rose Megson

Rose Megson Blog PicMy party would be at the best festival in the world (I think) Benicàssim. I've been about four times and absolutely love it. A beautiful Spanish destination during the day, long beaches and palm trees to chill out under in the mid-day heat. Mad crazy (spacious) festival at night. I had the best Mojito of my life here, served to me on the street as we walked back to the campsite from a long day sunbathing. I would have all my best friends with me (some of whom have been with me). The most memorable acts I have seen, which is who I would choose to see again are: Arctic Monkeys, Noel Gallagher, Ed Sheeran, Miles Kane, The Vaccines, Maverick Sabre, Fake Blood, Katy B, The Rapture, Simian Mobile Disco.... I could go on. And for the food - Tapas of course!!!!

Jay Corben

Jay Corben Blog Pic My ideal party would also be based on the other side of the world - perched on Indian Head on Fraser Island (off East Coast of Australia) taking in the stunning scenery and smell of the ocean. I would be sat round a camp fire with Ant and Dec (purely for entertainment purpose) I would be eating grilled prawns and drinking prosecco, listening to anything from Phantom of the Opera to the Now 12 album (showing my age!!) that brings back lots of good time memories......

Vikram Jones

Vikram Jones Blog PicMy dream party would be on the coast of South America in the summer (probably Columbia). I’d be partying with all of the South American celebs, from Pablo Escobar to Alexis Sanches (Luis Suarez not invited). It would be a Beach Festival, with Dance music, soft rock and HipHop (probably headlined by Bowie and Jurassic 5. A bit like a summer European festival but full of hot Latino girls).

Matt Hull

Matt Hull Blog Pic

I've never been much of a festival goer or raver. My early days of partying were more in the cheesy 80's bars like reflex rather than Ministry of Sound!! I remember a drunken night on the Spanish steps in Rome once which was pretty awesome... Buying some tinnies from the locals and a load of buskers on a summers evening sounds very appealing to me. Throw in a margarita pizza or two and I'm happy. I guess Kelly Brook could tag along but obviously the Mrs and friends would be invited too!!

What would be happening at your dream party? Who did you think was ex-recruitment? Let us know in the comments below. 

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