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The Barclay Jones team gets to play every quarter. This time we went to the fantastic Airkix in Manchester - and we chose Friday 13th to do it..

...But after writing about superstitions and all the things recruiters shouldn't do on Friday the 13th, we thought it wise to do the indoor variety of skydiving! 

Lisa Jones

I won the cheesiest smile award? 


Wayne Barclay 

You don’t have to be an expert in aerodynamics to realise Wayne’s sprawling limbs meant he could really catch the updraft. He was a real high flyer. 


Jay Corben

Jay's inital fear was quickly overcome by her competitive desire to outperform Vikram. 


Rob Allen

Rob flew gracefully.


Vikram Jones

Nothing phases Vikram. Not even hovering in a wind tunnel with 110 mile per hour winds rushing by. 


Matt Hull

Matt was soaring like a pro.



Rose Megson

Rose is Barclay Jones' superwoman!



We all had an amazing time, and the key question now is who wants to come skydiving for real with us!

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