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Happy New Year everyone! 

We thought we'd kick off 2016 by embarrassing some of our dear colleagues with their odd antics from last year. So let us present our Quotes of the Year from Barclay Jones!

If you know us well perhaps you can guess where a few of these came from?

And if you can... well, try not to hold it against us next time you're round!


"I don’t blink enough” 


“My day has gone to sh*t already”


“Tuck in your flaps”


“I like free willy”



“This is work place bullying”






“I want you to sit on my husband every day”



“Get on the phone!”



“I have a weird thing about wedding dresses”



“I’m going to be single forever”


“I’m having a fast day”


“Do you want to do CPR on me now?”


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