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You could accuse us of being superstitious here at Barclay Jones, we certainly love writing blogs on Friday the 13th. Last time we talked about what Recruiter’s shouldn’t do on Friday the 13th, but this time we thought we have some fun by talking about the films that really give us a fright.

Wayne Barclay 100x 100Wayne Barclay

It was the rise of the VHS (vs Betamax) that allowed me to 1st experience Horror films. The local video shop had just opened and in 1984 I stayed over at my Aunty who rented American Werewolf in London. She was so scared she woke me up (aged 8 1/2) to watch it with her!!!!! I've never been able to open a pair of curtains again! Thank you Aunty!

Lisa -Jones 100Lisa Jones

Jaws gave me the willies from a very early age - so much so that for years I never went in the sea. Now I dive, but jumping off the boat and being on the surface is a mare - I am much better under the waves.
I have never to this date watched the Blairwitch Project - the trailers terrify me. I am gutted, as being a Mark Kermode fan his best film of 2014 is The Babadook - this will not get watched in my house...

Rob 100Robert Allen

A Clock Work Orange. Not a horror film, but it gives me the shudders. My irrational phobia of seeing the inside part of eyes means the scene where Alex has his eyes held open by metal clips is pretty much agony for me. It also means I can't watch women put on eye-liner.

Vikram 100Vikram Jones

Nothing strikes a chill into the soul quite as much as zombies - especially if you saw a parody of the movie first... Having heard that Shaun of the Dead was indeed a rip off from Dawn of the Dead I felt compelled to watch it until I realised pretty early on that this was a gory, genuine horror movie, and at the tender age of 15 I was not prepared for this. Just as with the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I began looking around corners with a mirror and I became especially scared of the dark. Similarly, with any horror that I now watch I have to scamper upstairs to bed as quick as I can to stop the nasties from catching me.

Rose -Megson -100 (1)Rose Megson

The only scary film I have watched is Se7en and it made me feel physically sick. Pitt is fairly hot though.

Matt 100Matt Hull

Can't stand horror films but maybe I'm just a little bit scared of them in reality... I have a vague recollection of my brother subjecting me to Nightmare on Elm Street as a kid so that may have something to do with it!!

Jay 100Jay Corben

 Like Matt I don’t really do scary movies either, but a childhood nightmare that still makes me cringe is when I see the doll from Chucky child's play

So now you know what really gives us the chills, you can be sure to scare the pants off us in person. Whether it is by suddenly playing the Jaws theme music in a Social Media Strategy session with Lisa or sending Jay a particularly creepy doll the next time she is after an invoice, you now know our deepest fears! So surely it is only fair you reciprocate? Let us know in the comments what films give you the creeps! 

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