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With Halloween around the corner we decided to find out some of Barclay Jones’ weird and wonderful recruitment horror stories.

Luckily no vampires or zombies feature in our tales, just a few awkward moments!

On my first day in recruitment two of the male recruiters got into a fist fight in the office (over a girl!). Although this may not be horror, but normal? 


I ended up having the phone sellotaped to my hand as I wasn't making enough calls. I had to unplug the phone and take it with me to go to the bathroom! 


We once had a temp girl start at my workplace who was awful at the job. So my manager rang the agency and said she wanted a replacement. The agency decided to tell the temp girl she would no longer be needed - whilst she was still at work. Obviously that didn’t sit well with her and things got so crazy she had to be removed from the building!


Before a team member had handed their notice in, I got an email from their 'new' HR department asking me for a reference! Nice Monday morning surprise! 


I once managed to send an eshot about a candidate out, forgetting to remove current company. Which was promptly received… by their current company...   Some awkward conversations followed that little mishap! 


Hiring for an internal position and it quickly became apparent the candidate had done no research and had no experience… the interview was terrible.

I tried to swiftly end the conversation and politely get her out of there but she proceeded to ask why she hadn’t been shown around the building and introduced to everyone.

Needless to say that isn’t standard with first interviews and everyone started to congratulate her on getting the job! It made for an awkward follow up call…


What about you? What weird recruitment situations have you found yourself in?

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