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We're pretty obsessed with technology here at Barclay Jones - and a few of us are never seen without a mobile in hand - so we decided to find out which apps are favourites among the team. 

The answers are surprisingly revealing! 

With some team members using their phone like a teenager and others using their phone to become the most organised trainer in the universe, we've gained some insight into how our colleague's minds work with this question...


Rose 4

Rose (Queen of Organisation)

WhatsApp - I'm never far from my phone!

Wunderlist - I like to stay organised...

BBC Weather - so I know what to wear!

BBC Radio iPlayer and SoundCloud - I love finding new DJs!

Tube Assistant - the best app I've found for getting across London in a hurry




Rhiannon (The Mobile Apps of a Teenager)

Snapchat - my friends are well aware of my addiction to Snapchat stories!

WhatsApp - a great way to constantly bombard my friends with messages!

Spotify - music obsessed!

Instagram - endless scrolling to waste time

FitBit - my latest obsession 



Paul Avatar ImagePaul (Social Butterfly?)

LinkedIn - is it boring to say this one?

Ebay - always looking for a bargain!

Facebook - great to keep in touch with everyone

Whatsapp - got to stay in the loop!



Wayne Team 4

Wayne (Work-focused Mobile!)

AntennaPod - I love podcasts!

CandyCrush Saga - is that allowed?

Google Maps - how did we ever get around without it!?

ReceiptBank - finally an easy way to track expenses!

Harvest App - so I can keep my hours in order!




Katie (Planning life through her phone)

CityMapper - THE ultimate London travel guide

My Fitness Pal - I've got fitness goals to hit!

Daily Mail - Shh

Wunderlist - Great for planning/making lists

Instagram - I love sharing photos with my friends!



Lisa Team 4

Lisa (Finding Info Fast!)

IMDb - need to know who that person is in that movie and can't remember name. Or arguing over what film she was in!

MapMyFitness/Up - trying to keep fit, sleep/eat well... all via an app

Tube assist - skipping across London

Bring - the ultimate shopping list app

Antennapod - kermode and mayo, above and beyond' group therapy, click, empire movies, guardian tech


Which apps can't you live without? Let us know in the comments below!

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