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We aren’t soppy at Barclay Jones (after all we do work in Recruitment and Technology!) so we thought instead of talking about our lovely-dovey real world Valentine ’s Day plans, we would talk about our dream dates. And who knows, seeing as we train so many great recruiters, maybe they’ll be able to source some of them for us?

The Kind of Talent we’d like to attract

Lisa Jones

Bradley Cooper, He is America’s deadliest snipper, and can take a shot at Lisa’s heart whenever he likes.

Wayne Barclay

Kylie Minogue, She can spin him right round.

Jay Corben

Justin Chambers, There is nothing grey about his anatomy.  

 Jay Justin

Robert Allen

Nigella Lawson, It isn't just her food that looks yummy. 


Vikram Jones

Scarlett Johansson If he was ever to meet her the blushing Vikram would be similar shade of red.

 Matt Hull

Kelly Brook, It isn’t just the piranhas that’d be swimming after her. 

 Rose Megson

 James McAvoy, he is the last King of Scotland, and also of Rose’s heart. 


So now you know all our dream dates, perhaps the skilful recruiters that read our blogs fancy honing their sourcing skills by getting our dream dates into their talent pipeline for us? Or maybe you fancy letting us know who your dream dates are? After all, we are very good at helping recruiters attract talent!

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  1. I'm with Lisa on this one!


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