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The general election is tantalisingly close. People across the country will be off to the polls soon to cast their vote and help decide the direction our country will take for the next five years. But what do recruiters want to see from the next government?

We had a think about what a government led by people who know the recruitment industry would do, and decided given we advise recruiters to help speed up their efficiency every day, we should stop to have a think what we’d do if we became Prime Minister.

So Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband: are you listening?

Lisa Jones

Lisa -Jones -Blog If I was in power, I’d make sure that everyone in recruitment has their email reply signature configured to have their phone number – drives me nuts when I cannot see how to get in touch and have to muck about looking for their number. Plus I’d ban the use of the reply all button.

Wayne Barclay

Wayne -Barclay -Blog When I become PM (in my mind) I would create the laws similar to the Football Transfer window in which all recruitment must be conducted in January and August only... I would also create a law that states all IT staff must not hide away in basements, they should sit on the sales floor and that Consultants HAVE to say thank you to the IT department at least once a week!

Jay Corben

 Jay Corben Blog Pic If I was Prime Minster I would make sure everyone had their contact phone numbers and email addresses on their LinkedIn profiles!


Rose Megson

Rose Megson Blog Pic If I was Prime Minster I would electric shock recruiters every time they wrote Our Client at the beginning of an advert, didn’t put a salary, location or didn’t spell out the benefits (what do I actually get???). 

Plus I’d legislate for at least setting up an auto reply so candidates know the CV has actually been received and not vanished into the ether. 

Matt Hull

 Matt Hull Blog Pic If I was Prime Minister I would make it illegal to not keep your CRM data clean and tidy and up to date! Instead of punishment for bad data… what about rewards for clean data which I’m sure would help?? Would definitely make our job easier as part of the migration process...!

Will any of our tongue in cheek proposals become law after the next parliament? 

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what recruiters want to see from the next government. Let us know in the comments bellow! 

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