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You may have read why Lisa decided to change her iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4 – it seems that a few of our clients read the blog and updated too.  I followed suit and kissed goodbye to all things Apple last August.  We’ve been loving our new phones (or rather computers with a phone app) and have been trying out all sorts of apps to improve productivity (honest!).

As a recruiter you’ll have read lots and lots about how the workforce is now mobile and 2014 is the year of walking, tweeting, liking, sharing candidates – all with devices that give them access to you your online profiles, your company and your jobs – all whilst sat in their onesies on their sofas at home stroking their devices. (The cat has been demoted!)

This has also increased the “I’ll apply-for-jobs-even-though-I’ve-not-read-the-advert- as-it’s-easy” workforce.  We’re seeing more and more recruitment consultants unhappy about the volume of irrelevant applications they receive, whilst candidates continue to moan about not hearing back from them.  Systems are not being used as effectively as they could be (another blog for another time) or you could read Lisa’s Recruiter blog about the death of the quality candidate.

One thing that is affecting us all is whether we have super-speedy internet access and whether or not we can access those REALLY IMPORTANT emails anywhere at any time of the day.

Now the term “internet of things” hasn’t quite reached the recruiter.  I mean that I’ve yet to meet a recruiter with a chip in their brain that turns them into a device – but Lisa is hopeful (and she’s offering to trial it - god help us all!)

In the mean time we just have to cope with supposedly 4G and lovely free wifi hotspots like the Cloud (and hotels who have the common sense to offer wifi for free).

One great app to help you stay ever connected is Fast Connect.   If you’re not familiar with The Cloud it’s free wifi available all over the UK (over 16,000 hotspots) and you simply need to create an account to access it and add your password each time you want to surf.  You can get this on Android and iOS.  What Fast Connect does is finds The Cloud wherever you are and logs you on automically – saves lots of time and hassle.

Another cute app (for Android 4.3 users) is Tethering Shortcut.  I tether my phone to my other devices a lot where I can’t get a decent wifi signal.  When I updated to the latest Android version the Wifi Hotspot shortcut disappeared from my quick settings.  The Tether Hotspot is a cute little app to simply save me fumbling around in settings looking for the on/off switch.  I’ve installed it an added it to my homescreen.

(And by the way we still meet people who don’t know about tethering – get with the program you lovely people.  You can use you phone’s 3G/4G signal on your other wifi-enabled devices and get access to the inter-web without paying hotels/trains for their silly-priced internet access.)


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