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There is lots of buzz around BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) this year. Many businesses are embracing BYOD, and others are staying well clear – but what are the pros and cons of allowing employees to drive the technology policy?

There’s a lot of press surrounding this new terminology – we all love a good acronym!  Articles about BYOD driving up IT costs, few companies actually having a policy surrounding the use of BYODs… In part one of my two-part I’ll look at some pros of the new BYOD culture.

Gone are the days of someone just deciding to bring in their iPod and listen to some tunes in their lunch hour… we are now in the age of smart phones, tablets and Ultrabooks – and people want to use them at work to be more productive – god forbid!! Here are some of my thoughts about the “pros” of BYOD:

  • Less moans and groans as employees are more satisfied, as they are using the devices they want to use.
  • There is an increase in employee productiveness as they are using the software and hardware that they know and enjoy using.
  • Companies save money as they don’t have to fund the cost (or all the cost) of the hardware.
  • Business benefits from newer equipment as user hardware is generally newer and better than potentially ageing company IT estate.
  • People tend to take better care of their own equipment, thus losses / accidents are significantly reduced.
  • Possibility of reducing expensive IT dept head costs – if helpdesk is outsource to a general support business who have a broader experience of multiple platforms.

From a recent poll there seems to be a clear mix of support and opposition for BYOD, which at this early stage in the life cycle of BYOD is to be expected. 

I think there is a fine balance between productivity of the workforce and the fire fighting that may evolve in IT departments.  Whatever the case or decision, what is obvious is that a CLEAR BYOD POLICY is needed that from the outset protects a happy workforce but also protects the business.

I would welcome any comments on your experience of BYOD; have you any positive or negative experiences or any potential pitfalls that you have stumbled across?

Part 2 (the Cons of BYOD)

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