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In part one of this blog I gave you my 6 pros for BYOD (bring your own device).  Now I explore some cons (yes, there are more cons… but do they hold equal weight?)

Last year was the first year when hand held devices outsold our lovely traditional blocky desktop pcs.  We went out in our droves (as did our schools, hospitals, sales engineers, kids…) and bought iPads, iPhones, Samsung-HTC-Blackberry, Ultrabooks, MacBooks etc… We moaned when the iPhone 4s was not the iPhone 5 and we winged when our boss bought us the “wrong” device! (I still remember not even having a computer for work…)

We all got REALLY giddy about our OWN tech, but there are a few people who did not… in fact, they totally dreaded the sound of someone in the office saying “look at my new …”  They’re terrified about the predictions that by 2015 there will be 15 billion networked devices (equating to 2 per person, and 7 per person in the US alone…)

Here are some cons…

  • Who funds the purchase? There’s lots of stats out there, and it seems that many companies are (bless them) happy to fund it…
  • Who insures the hardware, say if a work colleague spills water over my laptop, who’s responsibility is it to replace it?
  • Who manages and supports the hardware? If IT installs a new CRM but it conflicts with other applications (or completely breaks the OS) who’s responsibility is it to fix or manage?
  • There is the increased challenge of heterogeneous IT systems. The IT department may have to manage multiple Operating Systems and numerous plug-ins / work-arounds to get some systems integrated or working.
  • If the company has one, how is the AUP (Acceptable Usage Policy) affected?
  • How do you safeguard the company data that will inevitably be stored on it?
  • Will users allow specific software (bloatware) to be installed on their lovely shiny hardware?
  • There’s little or no desktop management; what’s to stop users from uninstalling required software at any point?
  • If there’s a dispute, then a court could request the hardware be seized or confiscated? How would the employee react to being without their hardware?

I will keep you posted about any other developments in the area! 

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