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There’s a great article from TechRepublic about cloud and what it means for IT Jobs - it discusses that “Cloud is allowing the industrialisation of IT” – most of us would think that IT is industrial enough already!

Will traditional IT bods find themselves out of a job?  Is it irony to call an IT Manager a luddite?

I think that certain levels of IT Job will disappear if they hang on to the myth that servers are better for everyone “cos they’re mine” or they ignore the strategic input they should have in today’s multi-device, multi-platform, BYOD age.  Bear in mind that ironically the one person who may not recommend cloud as a solution for you is the one that feels that they have the most to lose… their job!

What will help IT Jobs to evolve?  If IT was seen as a strategic (rather and budgetary) function.

Lisa and I have blogged about cloud alot (read our cloud blogs here)…the theme?

  • It needs embracing, and not simply by staff who just need to work from home
  • It isn’t necessarily more expensive than a server infrastructure (add up over 5-10 years the total cost of ownership of your systems and their carers and you’ll be      gob-smacked!)
  • It gives you so much more flexibility than more traditional systems
  • The people who run it on the outside often have better trained staff, better equipment, longer working (thus helpdesk) hours and more insight into tech than you do – and so they should that’s their job!
  • IT Management need to get with the program and be strategic, not simply fixers…

So, if you are considering cloud, what plans do you have for your existing IT function?  What strategic input do they have?

If you have discounted cloud, think back to your reasons.  If it was budgetary… do you really have all of the facts and figures?

Don’t get me wrong, for some of our clients, cloud is not the right solution at the moment – but they know deep down that it will be a major agenda item in the future.

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