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So, I’ve been an avid iPhone user ever since my hairdresser (bloke with a penchant for tech) gave me Stuff magazine and changed my life (the Blackberry died for me that day).

I’ve been a loyal, evangelist even, about my iPhone. The time has come, though, to move on to Samsung (Android) – and this is why…

Having dinner with Mike Restivo from @Bullhorn and hearing him wax lyrical about moving to Samsung was enough to whet my appetite.  Then going to upgrade my iPhone 4 to a 5 (end of contract), only to find that for a stupid £240 I would be upgrading to… pretty much bugger all.

Even the VodaFone sales rep raised his eyebrows and said “we’re all selling our iPhone 5s to get a Samsung Galaxy S4s”.

Up until that point I had been thinking the following about the S4:

  • There’s not enough apps
  • It’s too big (size matters!)
  • My life is Apple (adaptors, Bose, blah blah…)
  • I haven’t got time to interrupt my business tech with new gear

Then, he gave the S4 and things changed.

  • It was £40 to upgrade – worth the risk and road test a bit of kit – my job is to know stuff about tech, so what the hell
  • The screen’s bigger (good), which means the phone is bigger (bad?) but I have pixie hands (5’2″ tall) and it felt fine – in fact, light as a new born puppy and I’m still able to text one-handed
  • Apps – OMG… loads and in some instances better than iPhone apps
  • I can still use iTunes and use an app to migrate certain playlists to my S4 (sweet!)

I meet clients and they gawk at my Samsung and say “should I change?” and “what’s different?”.  Here are some of the things I love (and apologies if they are on iPhone too… feel free to put me right):

  • I can schedule texts and emails (eg. remembering birthdays is a pain – no longer an issue as I can setup the text and no worry about forgetting)
  • I can setup a block (like the iPhone) but have it scheduled and also still accept calls from certain people
  • My apps auto update (bliss)
  • I can setup alarms in advance for any day of the week
  • Continuous input keyboard – OMG! This feature has changed my life. See this YouTube video for what I mean
  • It integrates into my Google life beautifully (I want an easy life)
  • I can totally customise my screens and make my life so much easier
  • Proper multi-tasking – having 2 screens open at once
  • Access to the task bar without shutting stuff down (hence I can turn on my wifi, bluetooth, hotspot etc… without mucking about!)
  • The camera apps are superb and allow me to have a proper play with the photos
  • It integrates into my business-life beautifully and I have fun along the way

Seriously, my life is just so much simpler!  I am a lot less restricted in terms of how I use my phone.  I can do things so much quicker and easier.

Happy to debate with die-hard-Apple users!

Here’s a great article (that it is compulsory to drink a nice cold beer with) to help you see some great features for the new S4.


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