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A very valued client said to me last week:

“Our perception of what we can achieve has changed as a result of working with you.”

After getting rid of the lump in my throat and saying thanks for the compliment, I started to think about what they could mean. How could IT Strategy generate that kind of comment?

Those of you that know me would assume that I am very confident as to the impact Barclay Jones has on our clients, but to be fair a wise manager of mine once said “You have a lot to say, but you work under radar“. Wayne and I are both very good at just getting on with the strategy and fix and not really marketing our approach or impact. So when a client says the above, we really take stock and in this case, blog about it.

We recently blogged about how Andy Bounds had a profound effect on our strategic approach to business and how we deliver IT Strategy. When our client said this to me, it hit the nail on the head. How can I quantify what we have achieved for the client?

  • A strategic presence - they have someone within the business that they can get guidance from when they plan their next move – they stand on the shoulders of giants and get it right first time. (I am 5’2″ though.)
  • Stable systems – they can now get on with running their business! (not much to ask for, but it is common that Directors get involved in the day to day running of their IT function).
  • Supplier contracts – they now have contracts with suppliers who are able to support them in their growth (mobiles, IT Support etc…).
  • Documented systems (hands up who has lots of systems and very little documented) – busy companies often neglect this area and pay for it when staff leave or there is downtime.
  • A protected business (disaster recovery, backups, anti-spam, web filtering etc…) – we have just recovered from the last 2 years, so downtime is not what we need right now.

Their confidence to grow their business has grown massively, and we have only just begun. What do we have planned for them in the coming months?

  • Social Media Strategy -      using social media to take part in their sector, publicise their approach      and build a community of loyal followers.
  • Email Marketing Strategy - using a trusted email marketing platform to market the business, and generate business
  • Website Strategy – building a new website to take advantage of the new web 2.0 world helping them generate inbound traffic.
  • CRM and related business process systems – getting the business streamlined, automated and competitive.
  • Introduce more industry standard hardware and software to build a more resilient infrastructure.

My high horse: IT Strategy is not as simple as having the best, shiniest kit or the world’s leading CRM. It’s about having systems and processes that are “owned” by the client, and that are used to grow the business. I am delighted that this client has seen how having a strategic presence in the business can help them grow.

We can’t promise to deliver the effect of the well known caffeine drink and give you wings. But we are both looking forward to delivering more for this client… and we don’t feel under any pressure to improve upon the comment that prompted this Blog (honest!)


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