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Did you know that nearly 40% of UK mobile users have smart phones (ie. the ability to surf the web). If you use the format +44 (0) above, you are making it difficult for me to call you from my smart phone…

Do you have an email signature, or a website with the following: +44 (0) 113 322 9359

Why is this not a good idea?

Have you tried calling a number that is formatted with +44 (0) by pressing it on your smart phone?  Well, if you do, you’ll find that you won’t get through as that number doesn’t officially exist…

So, bearing in mind that you have your number on your emails and website to promote contact, make it easy for me to contact you and either:

+44 113 322 9359


0113 3229359

and get rid of the blasted +44 (0) so I don’t have to write your number down in order to manually dial it.



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