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I’ve worked in, and with many, IT departments over many years and I’m amazed at how quickly the “IT Department” (and industry) has risen from Typewriter engineers to now controlling just about everything you do. Power hungry bunch those IT bods.

The Rise of the IT Department

The rise of the IT department has been nothing less than meteoric, which coincides with the digital revolution that has been happening over the past 40 years or so. At the start technology was a curiosity, lots of promise of a Flash Gordon society. As it evolved and crept out of universities and peoples bedrooms and the business world realised the endless possibilities (as well as potential revenue) technology and hence people were needed to help implement and support all this wonderful new equipment.  Henceforth the IT department was born.

As technology has evolved, the IT department has also had to evolve: Desktop PCs, Laptops, Thick Client, Thin Client, Virtualisation, unified communications, Internet, Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), SmartPhones… the list is an ever growing list of kit and function.

The new advent of fast data connectivity has given rise to “The Cloud” and it’s plethora of services. One of the most revolutionary developments and one that IT Departments are most scared of are cloud based technologies. Both SaaS and IaaS allow businesses to host some or their entire infrastructure outside of their premises, whilst being supported by these experts.

The Fall of the IT Department?

As Businesses leaders push IT departments to “outsource” their infrastructures and applications, where does this leave these highly technical departments?  You could, potentially, see why many IT leaders are hesitant about moving to these technologies. You could also see why many businesses are thinking that they no longer need an IT Department!

Is the IT Department Dead?  What do you think?


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