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Have you been engrossed in the iPad adverts claiming that they are “gorgeous” and “you already know how to use them”? 

Do you have plans to buy one? Were you one of the people to get one as soon as they came on the market?

I have been debating this with my husband, and the jury is out at the moment. We are both big iPhone fans. We both had various Blackberries for 6 years, so feel justified in our opinion. We have been captivated by the marketing of the iPad… ie. absolutely no money spent on marketing the initial concept after it’s launch. Everyone, myself included, was really excited about this device so Apple had to do very little apart from wave it on a stage for people all over the globe to go crazy about it.

Now that the hype has died down a little and it is becoming apparent that the functionality (or for some, lack of it) is causing a little stir in the tech community. Many are dubious about the benefits (features?) of this device, at least until it has been upgraded to support some basic needs (faster keyboard, no Flash, no multi-tasking for third party apps, no usb etc…)

Undoutedly, Apple has got the internet browsing and apps cornered… but what are the benefits to our business? We already have HP touch screen tablets. Maybe if we didn’t have these, iPads would be a good investment for “play”.

We have agreed, after chopping and changing minds, that we are going to wait until the apps are more relevant, the technology has matured and the 2nd generation has been launched – but in any event, we cannot see a need for it in our business, but were are looking forward to the browsing and surfing that we can use it for whilst curled up on the sofa, not really watching what’s on the TV.

What are your thoughts? Do you have one already? Can you comment on your experience of it?

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