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Do you actually have an online marketing strategy, or is it just matter of logging in and opening your mouth?

Did you know that we mere mortals read 25% slower online that we do paper media?  This effectively means that any online presence you have needs to get to the point quicker (screen resolutions mean that I read slower therefore I take more in).

Equally, whilst I am reading online all manner of distractions are happening:

  • I get an email inviting me to enhance myself…! (downtools to press the Spam button)
  • Someone retweets one of my Tweets (downtools to say “thanks”)
  • I receive a text (downtools to respond)

We are now in a world of “instant response” so if I get interrupted whilst reading your stuff, game over!  Add to that 30-40% (stats vary) of web traffic is now via a mobile devices, making it even harder to read your website and job advert if you go on and on and on and on.

I’ve been in recruitment a while (I have the wrinkles to prove it) yet I haven’t really seen a shift in how the average recruitment website, and more importantly, job advert is formatted.

There’s still often the obligatory bulleted list of skills needed, ideal experience etc… The waffly intro paragraph “My client is….” Maybe you even bore me with an equal ops statement (it should be a given, so don’t waste my time!)

What steps are you taking to get to the point and attract the mere 21% of people who claim to be job hunters (yes another spurious stat, but I love them!)

So I suppose that I should get to the point (now at 300 words!)

3 terrible clichés (that drive me nuts) but are relevant if you want to improve your online marketing and get more job applications:

If you follow those awful clichés above with your online content you’ll have less text for me to read, and it’ll show your personality to ensure that:

  • You get to the point quicker (less chance of me getting distracted)
  • You show your personality (REALLY key – don’t be afraid, unless you have some sort of personality disorder!)

Take a long hard look at your online presence… how quickly will I “get” you? Do your job adverts get me giddy? What’s your plan for the future?

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