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Following on from my recent blog about 5 things recruitment systems MUST do, my mind has been working overtime. I have now added 5 More things a Recruitment System must do:

1. Free you up to manage your candidates and contacts proactively

Systems that tie you to processes that probably don’t add much value to the running of the business and bottom line will only serve to frustrate you and your staff.  And you are likely to circumvent them… we know where that leads!  Looking after candidates and clients should never be seen as “admin”, but lengthy tasks via a system may lead to this critical activity being unfairly branded.

2. Make recruiting and retaining staff easier

Systems that are simple to use (heard of KISS?*) are more likely to be used and thus everyone benefits, staff and managers, candidates and clients.

3. Be supported by a company that is “going places”

Have you spoken to your account manager recently and got an idea of where your software is going? Technology moves at such a fast rate and you need to ensure that your software is keeping up and that your supplier is savvy to the way the market is going.

4. Is your supplier on your wavelength? 

Is the company that you bought it from still supporting businesses like you, or have they branched off to focus on systems that you will not benefit from?  Be careful of the latter, as we often find that these gaps between what you have and what the supplier is now focusing on gets wider, not smaller. This clearly leads to a mismatch of expectations and service levels.

5. Is your supplier realistic and sensitive to the current economic situation?

Ideally, your suppliers should be flexible as your business flexes.  Recent economic “trends” scream out for the need for businesses to “flex”, thus ensure that your system and supplier allows you to scale down, as well as up.

*KISS – Keep it small and simple

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