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We help our clients project manage their websites and are always asked about what we think makes websites successful.

I recently blogged about 5 tips to get your website working for you, and I promised to add another 5. Here they are, and don’t forget to let me know what works and doesn’t work for you:

  1. Testimonials and case studies: don’t just stuff them all onto a page labelled as such, use them throughout the site to highlight how are services are viewed by your client base. I will feel more confident in your services if I can directly attribute a positive experience to them.
  2. How are you telling me that you have a site: obvious tasks are to check all of your staff’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages to ensure that your site is mentioned, that your email signatures make it obvious where your site is… Do you mention it on your company templates (invoices, proposals, presentations?) Equally, don’t forget online directories like Google Places for (free) help marketing your site.
  3. If you are giving away free stuff (eg. Interview tips, tax calculators) don’t be afraid to ask me for my email address in order that you can add me to your CRM (just let me know that’s what you’re going to do) and then you can track the progress of my enquiry.
  4. Make it easy for me to contact you: these are 2 of my biggest bugbears. The thing you want everyone to do is to get in touch, so please don’t put +44 (0) at the beginning of your phone number, as if I access it from my smart phone, it won’t work and I will have to muck about with the number before it will dial (and you might have lost me by then). Make your number prominent on your site, and perhaps even have a call back button– people surf at the weirdest times, and in environments where making a call is not appropriate…
  5. If you can’t afford (or have no faith in ) an SEO campaign, then at least do some research on what your keywords actually are (as opposed to what you think they are, and then don’t simply add them to your copy, make sure that Google will love your site by adding them to images, Title Bars and URLs – this simple and free SEO task can make a massive difference. (Google Adwords and Webmaster tools are free and can really help you here.)

I hope that the above (and previous blog) has been useful.  Would love to have your ideas on how to make your website “work” for you.

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