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 We regularly  a review of our clients’ ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) and see how they are performing and adding value to the recruitment process.

We are in the process of auditing a national brand, based in the south, that employs in excess of 600 staff per year.  They have an applicant tracking system in place, but are receiving limited benefits, thus they asked us to review their recruitment process, systems and social recruitment opportunities.  This brought to light some areas that I wanted to share.

My 5 thoughts on Applicant tracking systems:

  1. Do you have your recruitment process documented? I often find that the software and the process are not the same – and that users expect issues and have “offline” work arounds. I really don’t believe that this is necessary and I think that this creates more work, less speed and more cost.
  2. What is your Plan B? For example, if you have an ATS that is built into your Careers site (thus candidates can apply for jobs and be placed directly onto your system), what is your disaster recovery plan should the ATS go down or the careers site fails?
  3. What are your critical success factors – what can not do without? Discover this and make sure that the system does what you need it to do, not what it thinks you should do.
  4. Have you got your eye on the future of your sector, AND the future of the technology that supports recruitment into it? Don’t rely on the software provider to come up with fab ideas to make your business better – they don’t work in it like you do. That’s not to say that they shouldn’t be bringing time / cost saving ideas to the table, just don’t rely on it.  Take control and have expectations.
  5. As with all systems, you have more choice than ever – and this includes cloud or server-based systems – take both options seriously and don’t be scared off by techie-speak one way of the other.  You have the right to non-technical explanations of what your options are.

There are lots more things to think about and I will be blogging about these in the coming weeks.

Do you have an ATS?  Does it do what you want it to?  Do you know what you want it to do?  What are your thoughts on what an ATS should do for you and your team?


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  1. Fantastic info! I agree 100%, a great Applicant Tracking System is always worth looking into. Loosing 1 amazing employee because of the hiring process can and will hurt. I love number 3. "Plan B" make sure your ATS is built to last! Good info thanks for the read.


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