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Sorry, but this blog is NOT going to contain a link to a time machine app for your iPhone / Samsung Galaxy S4. But it is going to mention a few apps that I use to make my day easier to manage.

Initially it was a blog for recruiters short on time for the lovely people at Seriously Connected who specialise in helping independent recruiters work from home… then I realised all recruiters need help with time, so here goes!

(Btw, no nasty “pay for me apps” in the blog – they’re all free.)

1. NutshellMail.com

Do you want to know who your new followers are, or even who has fallen out of love with you and stopped following you on Twitter? Want to see who you’ve recently connected to on LinkedIn? I.e. Would you love a mail that comes to you, at say 8am while you’re logging in with your latte, and updates you on your network?

Nutshell Mail is a cute app that I use in my business and I have it directed to all staff so they can see who’s connecting with who (I don’t recommend that Adecco, for example, do this – too many people!). But if you have a team of maybe 1-5 staff this could help you keep an eye on each other’s networks – invaluable. What a time saver to help you connect and keep an eye on drop outs.

2. Feedly

So you may have heard of this, or perhaps Google Reader (RIP July 2013).  Feedly is a news reader and is great for helping recruiters short on time and large on wanting knowledge/leads etc…:

  • It keeps you focused on content you need to make you look good (i.e. sector-specific content you can share and say “look at me, I know my stuff”)
  • It can help you generate leads and give you excuses to call people
  • It saves HUGE amounts of time surfing when you should be on the phone / meeting people
  • It has great apps for Android, iPhone etc…

Think about what content you need – job feeds, client / competitor / sector blogs and subscribe instead of surfing – much more effective than mucking about on the internet all day!

3. NEW LinkedIn Contacts

If you’ve not updated your contacts database yet, here are some good reasons why you should:

  • You can remove unwanted connections so much quicker and easier
  • It shows you when you last spoke with people and helps you schedule calls / reminders
  • Looking for contacts based in Leeds? It’ll do that AND allow you batch tag / email them

Overall, it just makes managing your contacts database on LinkedIn so much easier and quicker.

4. Buffer

You need to share content – period.  But you also need to know what works so you don’t waste your time (or other people’s) on naff content. Buffer will allow you to:

  • Connect your Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook accounts
  • Choose times which suit you and you simply whack the Buffer button when you see good content and add it to your bucket – Buffer sends it out at the appropriate time (and not all at once from all your channels)
  • It gives you analytics to show you the number of views, mentions, clicks etc…
  • You can integrate into Chrome (yum) and your smart phone (yummy!)

(This app is a real no-brainer for me – since starting to use this app my web hits have shot up and I know what turns my audience on – crucial – I don’t have time to waste on boring people!)

5. Mention

A relative newcomer on the block that has in many cases overshadowed Google Alerts. It trawls the web looking for “stuff” you want – another time saver. I prefer Mention – I seem to get more content and quicker!

Free for the first month, then free for up to 500 alerts per month, you can set it to look for:

  • Client and competitor names (knowledge is power)
  • Your own name (oh the shame!)
  • Job titles (leads please!)
  • High profile contacts (stalking? Not me!)
  • Sector terms / interview tips etc… (you are what you know / share)

It integrates beautifully with your smartphone – in fact, what about a crafty tip number 6….?

Which of you realise that you are now working from a second screen… your mobile? And how effectively have you integrated that into your working day? Perhaps another blog for another time..?

Thanks Seriously Connected for publishing this blog.

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