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We held a webinar with Broadbean recently, and took the opportunity to get inside the heads of our recruiter community.

What did we find out?

We discovered that recruiters still don't see the CRM as their first port of call: in fact, only 17% of consultants said they would check their CRM for suitable candidates.

An untapped pool of talent is sitting around waiting for a call, while recruiters struggle to source new candidates from LinkedIn, Twitter and job boards. Madness!

Add to that 61% of recruiters don't have any process in place for sourcing through social media... and you have a lot of time wasted on your hands.

Recruiter maths

If you have a team of 40 recruiters wasting 30 minutes per day fruitlessly sourcing through social, it adds up to a lot of billable hours going down the drain. No ROI!

Another shocking discovery? 50% of recruiters don't have their rec tech connected to their CRM! We have recruitment leaders telling us they want their recruitment tech to communicate behind the scenes - so why aren't they integrating their systems...?

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We've been talking Content - the content of your business (staff, recruitment tech, data...) should be driving profit and growth.

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