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Agile – a very C20th word – a word that many businesses would love to be. The connotation? Ease of movement, ease of transaction, planning, strategy, iteration (not irritation), future. Your clients are very likely to be either agile or would love to be – but they definitely expect you to be. Are you? Is your technology enabling this, or disabling your agility?

Your Workforce and Clients are Agile

They can run, walk… and they can leave!

Your staff have their own kit, that’s often better than what you have provided. They even have the audacity of walking into the office and demanding to plug it in to your network! (Never has the IT department been more scared!) BYOD, BYOC, Outsourcing, cloud… OMG!

Perhaps your staff have a better internet connection at home, and more access to websites that you have restricted them from using?

Do you Consider yourself an Agile Recruiter?

Ask yourself how well your company technology actually supports your recruitment model. Have you taken a good look at your staff and market recently and really seen how it has changed? This isn’t an “embrace social media” monologue (that was yesterday). It’s a “give your staff what they need” suggestion, especially if you want to keep them, and you want to keep your clients.

Look Up!

The only reason that you may not have noticed that everyone walks down the street looking at their smart phones is that you’re too busy looking at your smart phone whilst you are walking down the street!

Seriously, look up the next time you’re in a lift, on an escalator, at a conference, walking down the street – smart phones in hands everywhere – people supposedly multi-tasking.

What’s actually happening whilst your staff are using their smart phones is that they are likely to be doing one of the following:

  • Looking for another job (oops)
  • Responding to candidates/clients
  • Surfing the web (perhaps looking for talent, or just for the sake of it)
  • Accessing websites (nice ones, like Facebook, YouTube) that you decided to ban as you feel that they are irrelevant to your business process (oh dear!)

…Who knows… they’re just online because they can be. It’s “normal” behaviour to do this, even while taking someone out for a hot date!

Benefits of Being an Agile Recruiter

  • Your clients can’t claim that you are just using LinkedIn to recruit – you have a responsibility to be innovative and justify your fees with routes to market that your clients can only dream of

  • Your staff are happy as you are bringing them great tech to help them do their job
  • You are proactively managing your business, not reacting to broken kit, ageing processes, consultant’s screaming demands or god forbid technology sales people.

How are you Planning on Harnessing the Digital Recruitment Revolution?

Being agile isn’t just about being able to fling a CV at a client quicker than your competitors (although, there is an argument that you need to get it quicker than your client can find it themselves now!). It’s about looking to the future, seeing what’s coming, being aware of how your staff source / lead generate and communicate, and deciding what tech is coming that will make this easier! THEN it’s about getting the tech into the business without distracting anyone.

Rinse and Repeat, Don’t Set and Forget

I had an interesting debate with a client this morning and we agreed the following: you can’t expect to plug in kit/software and it last more than a couple of years. (Yes, a massive sweeping statement.)

In my IT Director days, you updated your CRM and then went onto the next project. Now techies in recruitment companies need to be sooooo aware of the future of tech in recruitment that they need to give up their day jobs to keep up to date (or hire my company… ooops, slipped on my keyboard!)

Tech does not need to be for life anymore… it can be used to solve specific problems that have a shelf life.

Look at the iPhone for example, just as you’re getting used to it, they bring out another – we don’t really bat an eyelid anymore when we change our phones, we change with breath taking agility! It’s exciting. We show our mates our new tech.

In business, we leave no time to even investigate tech, so when the business process starts to suffer, the tech is at fault (no-one ever thanks an IT Director for Up Time!)

The Tech’s not at Fault, the Business is

I blogged on Barnacle Technology recently. The concept is interesting – lots of businesses have “lack of purpose” kit which really could do with being put out to pasture.

It’s not the tech’s fault that the business is getting no use from it. Perhaps it was spec’d up wrong (scrap that, in my experience that’s actually a very common issue!)

Be Agile

If you want to be agile, you need to think agile. You need to build time into your business to look at tech, plan it, pilot it, iterate it. Overall you have a responsibility to give your staff the tools they need to deliver the services you promise to your clients.

Thanks TIRA (Technology in Recruitment Alliance) for originally publishing this post

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