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We are delighted to have been asked to be part of the REC's RecTecHub.

This is what the REC has to say about this fabulous new resource:

The RecTecHub is a centralised resource for REC members and the wider recruitment industry to find out about the latest developments, technology advances and support tools for recruiters to use to improve their business processes. Managed by the REC but delivered by independent consultants, the RecTecHub is a resource that will ensure you are asking all the right questions, and getting all the right answers, from your technology providers. But not only that, it is also a free information resource and a place where recruitment businesses can go to get the latest developments in the industry.

Why are we excited about being part of this?

Well, apart from the obvious feeling flattered and blushing coyly...

We feel that a significant shift has taken place within the recruitment industry over recent years. The “traditional” recruitment methods have been enhanced by countless additional technology solutions that can improve business process. For many recruitment companies the tangible outcomes of this new technology can be unclear and sometimes a costly distraction.  For others, they have transformed their business, improved their brand and demonstrated innovation through the strategic use of recruitment technology.

Job board posting software, dozens of CRM solutions, CV mining tools, social media, CRM plugins, analytics software – all of these recruitment technologies are just some of the solutions being offered to recruiters. For recruitment leaders this has posed a number of interesting questions, which include:

“What solutions should we consider in order to improve the quality of our service, the speed in which we can source candidates or jobs and ultimately improve our bottom line?”

  • Which technology can improve quality of service, speed of sourcing candidates, increase lead generation and ultimately improve our bottom line?
  • How can I use social media and digital tools to improve my business process?
  • Is the technology I’ve purchased adding value to our business, being used correctly or even being used at all?
  • How do I know what works? How do I measure its success?
  • How can I keep my workforce busy without the distractions of all of this new technology?
  • How can I positively engage with new technology whilst also protecting my business from the risks it poses?

Barclay Jones was established to help recruitment leaders with these specific questions. We deliver impartial, strategic and practice advice on the effective use of recruitment technology and social media to improve business process, recruitment and bottom line.

The RecTecHub is a place where we intend to share our ideas on how recruiters can effectively engage with relevant and appropriate technology.  We're looking forward to sharing practical tips that recruiters can immediately implement to improve lead generation, candidate sourcing and reach, whilst demonstrating strategic ideas which recruitment leaders can use to take their businesses forward.

Hope to see you there. 

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