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Are you a recruitment manager / director or for your sins an IT manager supporting a recruitment firm? Be honest! Do you use all of the tech you have bought over the years…? 

I attended the UK Recruiter and APSCo Recruitment Technology event recently and there was a debate on “barnacle technology”… Stop and think… It makes sense and I love the term!

The nit nurse is coming!

Do you remember when you were at school and the nit nurse was coming? We joked about it but secretly stressed about whether we would be riddled with nits – oh the shame!

Do you have nits or barnacles?

These days the average recruiter has:

  • Job posting software
  • CRM / ATS / Database
  • CV parsing software
  • Reporting software
  • Analytics
  • Etc…

And don’t forget social media… A whole other “option paralysis” debate…

Oh my! A lot of nits (barnacles). But whereas we used to die of shame because of our nits, barnacles on the other hand seem to have become a desirable! As recruiters we just love buying stuff… Well it appears that way!

Dan McGuire argued that he dislikes the term barnacle tech and defended the fact that many apps exist due to CRM providers leaving a vacuum – agreed!

CRM – know your limits!

CRM is no longer (was it ever?) a silver bullet. Don’t believe any provider that tells you it is. There are so many facets to the recruitment process that exist; CRM will rarely cover all of them.

Recruiters – know your limits!

You’re not a software house or a buying department. You’re recruiters – spend more time doing that and be awesome at it. Buying kit is a little like having a baby – it’s when it arrives that the work begins, so think seriously about your workflow before spending cheap cash and expensive time on new stuff.

Give yourselves a once over

Do you have any barnacles? What was the reason you bought them? Are they doing what you thought they would? Are they still in the box (common)? God forbid you measure their ROI…

Raymond mentioned having an R&D budget to test new stuff… I would add a big yes to that but be careful who has that budget and who does the testing, and what the measurement of success is. Although the theory of barnacles is a parasitic relationship, in reality they are often necessary – but that doesn’t mean that you need to rush to the bank!

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