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I recently blogged about ‘being an agile recruiter' - Are you an Agile Recruiter – Are You? You Should Be!.  It focussed on the benefits of being an agile recruiter, how staff are often more agile than the business they work for and how the right tech can make you agile. This is a lovely follow up… and may resonate with you if you are a recruiter or a recruitment leader.

My previous blog got a few nods, retweets and clients mailing me with their thoughts. This post is dedicated to those responses I received in an attempt to open up some dialogue around how other people feel on this topic and I will aim to respond to any posts and comments  within the dialogue section at the end of this article.

One director of a recruitment firm said he was made nervous by the article… here’s the thread:

Director:  Spot on – great article thanks Lisa.  On the edge of controversial too, as I both connected with what you were saying and it made me nervous at the same time. 

Lisa: Nervous?

Director: In the sense that I don’t 100% trust all of our people to have total carte blanche on what internet tools they use and how they use them.

I also have regular debates with my business partner over how we retain ownership of the relationships generated via social media.

(FYI – I fight the corner for allowing them to develop their brand and make themselves the ‘go to’ person by the way)

Lisa: Ooooo, I feel another blog coming on…

Director:  Its very topical from the perspective of …

Letting the consultant fledge on this to maximise their delivery capability

From the perspective of what tools they should be allowed to use and how to use them

From the perspective of who owns the relationships if they are developed in business time and paid for by the company?

We think about what happens when staff leave – having funded this,  is this company owned data etc…

The end…

Does this have any resonance with you?  Do you feel a little edgy about:

  • Trusting your staff? Do you really trust your staff? I mean really trust them?
  • How to retain the relationships with your clients? Or rather “own” the relationships?
  • The legals behind your staff leaving (they will one day… what are your plans for this?)

You need to get to grips with the above – you can’t be agile if you spend too much time looking over your shoulder and double checking output.

My view? Build a robust business process, get a great easy to use CRM and gorgeous problem-solving bits of tech, educate staff as when the data becomes company property, and back up with rewarding good behaviour and threatening to knee cap the baddies (metaphorically speaking)! 

Thanks TIRA (Technology in Recruitment Alliance) for originally publishing this post

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