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I love cute stuff. Bitly ticks all of my boxes. It went through a bit of any overhaul recently, so I thought I’d add this to our 12 days of Christmas blog with a quick intro to this free bit of kit. There are lots of benefits to recruiters using this (and to be fair whatever job you do, this could really help you!)


1. Shortens your URLs

These are called bitmarks.

  • This helps massively with sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (you need to keep your text short and sweet as it has a higher chance of being read!) Yes, Twitter shortens things for you, but see point 2 below – you can customise your URLs (nice).

  • You should also think about using this for your own website and email signatures – see features (imagine hiding bitmarks within the badges and buttons on your site to see how often they get clicked (and some other juicy data!)

2. You can customise them

For example change bit.ly/12jbjkhk4 to bit.ly/HRDirector8731 (you are likely to get a higher click through rate it people know where they’re likely to end up). Plus when you look at point 3 below you’ll benefit from customising links that you want to study later.

3. You can get stats

…on how many clicks you get and when they happen / where they happen from (love this!) Start giving your clients information (not just applications). Add value not just CVs! You could even just study what content you publish has the highest click through rates – critical if you want to spend your time sharing! Imagine knowing what days of the week gets you the most clicks!!!

Bit.ly Stats

Organise your Bitmarks

You can place your bitmarks (shortened URLs) into bundles. For example, create bundle (folder) per client, or per job type, and keep things tidy. It’ll help you find things again and study how effective your jobs / content are at attracting clicks.

It takes seconds to create a profile at bitly – give it a go and let me know how you get on.

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