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As part of our Recruitment Leaders series, Founder and COO of Talent Rover, Brandon Metcalf spent a little time with me having a chat about his passion for smart recruitment process in an industry dominated by tech and data.

He recently penned a great blog:

The Dawn of Communities: Why Social Hubs are the New Competitive Edge - Tweet This

 So we had a quick call to chat about:

  • Creating talent communities could mean recruiters giving up control
  • Do recruitment websites actually have a function, or are they just all recruiter features?
  • Recruiters are control freaks
  • Why recruiters should setup AND foster clients/candidate collaboration
  • Does the recruitment process actually allow for talent communities? Or it is too transactional?
  • How can we get engaged with disengaged talent?

It’s really refreshing to talk to tech leaders in the recruiting space.  They don’t just sell Recruitment CRM.  They live and breathe great process and innovation (in an industry that is crying out for it!)

 Listen to Brandon’s interview here:


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Coming soon:

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