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You’re about to watch this short video as you’re a clever recruiter or resourcer who wants to be more efficient with your use of Bullhorn.  In this short clip we’ll be looking at a fantastic feature called Hotlists, also known as Tearsheets

  • Have you ever wanted to create a list of candidates who would be ideal for one of your clients?
  • Or are you always on the lookout for candidates who have a particular skillset?  
  • Maybe you have lots of spreadsheet lists outside of your CRM

Hotlists are the ideal way of setting aside strong candidates as you come across them.  These lists are the go to place when you take a new vacancy.  They are massive time savers!

So easy to create

You can create a Hotlist from a search result, from a list view or from a candidate’s record.

From a hotlist you can also use a number of useful tools:  

  • View the candidate’s CV and record details in a handy fly out window.
  • Perform Mass Actions, e.g., add the candidates to a vacancy shortlist, run a CV Send, create a Task List.  
  • You can also send Hotlists internally, great for collaborating with your team.

Contact and vacancy Hotlists too!

This video focuses on creating candidate Hotlists, but bear in mind that you can also create Hotlists of contacts and vacancies.

So recruiters, manage your candidates and respond to vacancies quicker with Bullhorn Hotlists.  Check out this video now – it’s just over a minute, so well worth the time. 

Let me know how you get on.


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