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Bullhorn Reach is a free social recruitment tool subscribed to by 80,000 recruiters worldwide.  They use it to stay in touch with social media connections.  It links Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn together.  

I blogged recently about the Radar function (it has a snazzy way of letting you know when  it thinks your contacts are ready to “move”).  Now I want to point to the Engage function.

I have worked in recruitment for 12 years, and have seen a massive shift from generic recruiters who work across many sectors to ones that are sector specialists and know their markets inside-out.  Social media has become an exposer of the true sector specialist – recruiters can find out stuff about their sectors so much quicker, and they can talk online about their knowledge too.

This can give them the real edge on their competitors – and VERY importantly, the edge on their clients.  Your clients think that they can recruit now that LinkedIn has over 160m users, so you have a job to do to encourage them to stick to their day job.

I also have a real bug bear about recruiters who bleet about Jobs all day long (you’re not a job board!)  I see often that some of them use Bullhorn Reach to do this… but they are ignoring a great feature – one that can prove that they are a sector specialist – Engage.

Once you have created your Free account at Bullhorn Reach, you share content to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts using the Engage tab.

You’ll see on the initial Engage screen that there are a number of popular articles that others are sharing and how many clicks they have received, and you can filter by your industry.

You can drag and drop the blue Share on Reach blue button onto your browser’s tool bar to help you share articles / jobs quickly.

By going into the Shared Articles tab you can also share articles and choose which social media stream to add them to: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.  Once shared, you can then see how many clicks you are getting from your network – a great way of identifying what turns your network on.

I am always showing recruiters this bit of kit – they love it and use it to market their specialism.  Give it a go and let me know how you get on.


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