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You will have seen word clouds when you’ve been surfing. As a recruiter you’ll want to attract active and passive talent to you, your content and your jobs. You’ll also (if you’re clever) want to demonstrate to your client base what you do, how you do and why they should work with you.

The way you operate online has a big part to play and can even help you engage more offline (never let it be said that a tweet makes a placement – a recruiter makes a placement). If you brand yourself better and create great content, you’ll help that tweet / LinkedIn update /Facebook post / blog have more reach, more clicks, more likes, comments and shares and ultimately help you achieve your goal of attracting talent who is relevant for your roles, and attracting clients who know that trying to recruit for themselves is not the best option.

Nail Your Job Ads

I’ve run a few webinars on how to create engaging memes, word clouds and other online collateral. I love word clouds – they can totally nail a job advert, describe a blog, outline your culture. Have a look at this video. It gives you some simple tips around how to create a word cloud in 60 seconds. I don’t want any recruiters taking ages to make their point. You tend to be pretty articulate offline, so make sure that you demonstrate this online too!

How to Set Up

Here’s my YouTube video on how recruiters can make an engaging word cloud in less than 60 seconds. Watch it now and attract the right people to your roles, and show your clients why you’re the best option for their recruitment partner.

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