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Recruiters can save themselves some time by using their recruitment system well.

I work with many recruiters and see some very long-winded ways in which they use their CRM (Customer Relationship Management System).

  • Re-typing the same candidate search instead of saving it and re-running it,
  • Adding the same job as the one received only a month or 2 ago instead of hitting a "Copy Job" button
  • And how about saving a list of easily accessible records (candidates, clients and jobs) from a central list?

Save time using the Favourites button

This brings us to this month’s video for Recruiters who use Microdec Profile RPM

The system allows you to save popular or favourite records that you are currently working with today / this week / this month. This means you will have one click access to key information - meaning more time for you to recruit!

Check out this 4 minute video – it will save you hours and help you be more efficient and competitive. 


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