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Last week we presented alongside some famous names at Caltech‘s Doing More with Less event.

The title of our presentation was: Effective CRM: Management Information Driving an Organisation. The event was extremely well organised by Catherine (thanks Catherine) and well attended by NFPs and private businesses alike. The morning showcased the FrontRange Goldmine product by Greg Anderson, and Carol Griffiths from Morton Kyle discussed effective and ethical sales strategies.

Hayley Bass from Microsoft presented the very slick Microsoft xRM.  There were also a number of organisations there, Michelle Winn Affinity Healthcare and John Waterhouse Leeds Ahead demonstrated how using CRM has radically changed the operation of the organisations.

Our presentation seemed to go well.  I can get a little evangelical about CRM, and have a passion for smart working and business process, so I hoped that my approach and case study showed the audience how CRM can grow sales, manage staff and grow an organisation.

Thanks, Caltech, for the opportunity of being in such great company and allowing us to present our slant on CRM as a business enabler.

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