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 Email Archiving, Mail Overload“Prove it and you can have the fee!“

Businesses need to hit target to survive.  I used to be a recruitment consultant and when times were lean, this generally included a revisit to all the companies into which introductions had been made , to see if the client had been sneaky and employed a candidate without our knowledge and contravened the terms and conditions of the introduction – “backdoor placements”.

A number of calls later and a number of discovered placements later the immortal words from the client… “Prove the introduction and we’ll discuss a fee”

In the olden days this relied on every consultant following the recruitment workflow and importing the key information into the CRM. Those that did were able to prove the introduction and hit target that month. Those that didn’t rue the day they didn’t pay attention to the training that was given, made a point of using the system and then hastily forgot!  This doesn’t just go for recruitment; all businesses suffer from poor administration and “invisible” email conversations that can prove valuable points and allow invoices to be sent and ideally be paid.

Businesses can protect their consultants and their profits through the use of intelligent technology.  Ensuring your staff use your CRM to follow the sales cycle can really help with your audit trail, (although some systems can seem cumbersome and hence “workarounds” which make audit trails impossible occur).  By complementing your infrastructure with an Email Archiving system your business is able to ensure every email that comes into or leaves your business is captured and stored. In some instances emails that sent internally can also be captured.

This ensures that every piece of correspondence can be called upon when the need arises – and trust me when it the need arises, it can get really stressful!

“But its too expensive” is the argument I sometimes get from business owners. I counter this in two easy steps:

Step 1

Calculate the following…

  • What is your average      invoice?
  • How many back door      placements / invoicing issues are you likely to have a year?
  • How much time do you      currently spend trying to prove the introduction and a contravention to      the terms and conditions ?
  • What legal fees do you incur      when things get a little stroppy?

Add these together and you’ll soon realise the additional income you could have. Indeed, even after the cost of the system I would prophesise  you’ll have a healthy profit.

Step 2

Even if the profit wasn’t enough, think of the benefit to the business of capturing every piece of email correspondence.

  • Any disputes with any      clients are easier to prove
  • Ex-employees business is      clearly documented and hence there is more chance of keeping the business
  • A Disciplinary would be      easier to  manage

When we implement Email Archiving for our clients there are other factors to consider, but the driving objective of an implementation is that the system is  self-funding, it reduces the risk to the business and improves management and administration.

What your experiences of Email Archiving? I would welcome your comments on this subject.

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