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We've finally gone live on YouTube with some videos about Barclay Jones.

Whilst we've been at it, we've created a playlist called Funky Tech for Recruiters which we plan to populate whenever we find something "funky" for recruiters.

Definition of funky (accordng Google)


I think it's fair to say that the first definition is where we're going with this!

Barclay Jones' definition of Funky tech: stuff which speeds up process and gives you more time on the phone! 

So, why not check out the list of things we're adding weekly to the playlist called: Funky Tech for Recruiters - and even subscrribe - you may learn something!

Things we've found so far:

  • Free spell checkers for when you tweet, update, Facebook etc...
  • Quick ways to gather content (without reading EVERYTHING on the page)
  • Ways to organise yourselves better

Hope you find something useful. (Press the playlist button top left...) And don't forget to subscribe

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