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Recruitment Consultants…

You live on your social networks, online directories (XING, Zoom info), company websites, job boards and LinkedIn.  But your sales data lives in your CRM and you’re constantly being nagged about getting that data into your CRM. Constantly switching between online and CRM is a pain, so more often than not, (let’s admit it) you’re not doing it. 

Recruitment Managers…

Your consultants are spending more and more time in social environments, in other words, outside of your CRM.  So more and more information is being used and stored outside of your CRM.  How can you control this but not restrict what your consultants do while increasing the ROI of your consultants?   

The Solution…

Ebsta is a nifty and very easy to use Browser plugin that integrates with Salesforce and Bullhorn CRMs.

It allows you to effortlessly add information into your CRM direct from your browser.  Yes, you don’t need to leave that LinkedIn page or your favourite job board!!!


Here are just a few fantastic Ebsta benefits and features:

  • Keeps you on the ball… Ebsta automatically alerts you when the person you are looking at (on LinkedIn, social media, a job board or emails) is already in your CRM
  • Saves time… You can create records, edit, update and add notes to the CRM direct from your browser 
  • Helps you communicate better… Use Chatter wherever you are (Salesforce)
  • Save even more time! Quickly log calls and create tasks
  • Helps you follow leads quickly… You can track emails sent using Gmail
  • Helps you prospect and business develop by improving the overall accuracy of your data 
  • Have we said this already?  Saves you time… Ebsta is integrated with over 50 job boards including CV Library, Monster, and Totaljobs to name but a few

Click here to sign up for Ebsta and watch their videos to give you more a feel for the product.

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