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We ran a webinar for Recruitment Leaders who want to grow their business, see ROI from their tech and be more profitable.

We showed you how you can grow your recruitment business using a #CRMFirst strategy.

90% of recruitment leaders we polled last year told us that they expected their recruitment CRM to be a first port of call. Then their staff admitted that this was not the case. In fact, only 17% of recruiters admitted that they respected their CRM enough to search it first (before LinkedIn, Job Boards etc...)

Why is this happening when it is assumed that your recruitment CRM is a critical piece of technology? And it's a significant spend!

You need a CRM First culture...

This can prevent comments like "I spend a fortune on my CRM, only to have my recruiters source a candidate from a job board, who was already on my CRM"

Or stats like - 80% of placements made in 2016 were already on your system before you sourced them from elsewhere...

Expensive, time consuming and crazy!

Your CRM should be a USP – a unique selling point. Your recruitment software can be an addiction for your recruiters, your clients, candidates and investors. All of which does the one job you bought it for – to make you more money.

No recruitment leader buys a recruitment CRM to simply dump data and then create an admin team to manage it, and an IT team to store it, a recruitment team to ignore it… and then have finance and marketers working from other data…

Watch this webinar if you’re a recruitment leader wanting to increase the value of your recruitment business and see ROI from your recruitment tech.  Some attendees are getting their recruiters to watch it! GREAT IDEA!

We’ll gave you some practical tips on how to get your clients, talent, recruiters and investors addicted to your CRM – so you can improve, grow or sell your recruitment business.

Watch Barclay Jones Webinar Crm First With Bullhorn Crm

Who are Barclay Jones?

Lisa -team -4 FlippedLisa Jones is a Director of Barclay Jones. I support Recruitment Leaders to grow their businesses and improve profitability through effective digital marketing and technology solutions.

She works with Recruitment, IT and Marketing leaders to improve systems, engagement and increase ROI.

Wayne Facing RightWayne Barclay helps recruitment and IT leaders to use recruitment technology strategically. ROI is key!

He’s a keen business analyst and thrives on speedy processes and practical systems. He’s passionate about best practice use of recruitment technology. Recruiter engagement and ROI is key!


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