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We ran a great webinar with Bond International Software yesterday to show recruiters and recruitment leaders what they can stop doing with their recruitment technology to save time and improve profit in 2017.

There were recruiters of 1 years' experience and recruitment leaders with 25 years on the webinar – and a few guest appearances from Dublin, Geneva and the Netherlands!

As always we asked a few questions – we love to hear your opinions – and the results were interesting:

  • Only 15% of our recruiter community were happy completely with their recruitment tech!
  • The majority had options paralysis (too many systems not enough process) or tech not running as it should be…

We asked what you wanted to stop doing and how you planned to be more successful next year. The biggest pain? Manual processes wasting time - spreadsheets, paper lists, no data on systems. Still!

Their main goals for next year?

Recruitment leaders and recruiters want to start getting clever with their content, innovate their job adverts, move their processes online and clean up their data. They want to save time - and we don't blame them!

We often ask our clients - if this new process saves an hour of time...

  • What's an hour of billable time worth to you?
  • What's that worth multiplied by each of your consultants?

Saving time can increase profit and make people happy! What's not to love?

If you're interested in a free consultation to find out how you can be more profitable with your tech, get in touch.

If you missed the webinar, catch up below now.



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