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I recently went to see Andy Bounds (Not Philip Morris) talk. I have had The Jelly Effect on my desk for a year, and it looks great (even matches my brand colours).  I have been so focussed on running Barclay Jones, keeping on top on the technology world and my now 2 year old, that I haven’t even opened it. A colleague tells me that I can dip in and out, but the finisher in me wants to digest the whole thing at once (that’s my excuse).

So, during the session with Andy, I am scribbling so hard my pen is smoking, and I have an epiphany…. helping clients to understand the benefits of a joined-up IT Strategy is challenging when they just want their IT to work… so why am I not talking about what our AFTERS are?  It’s not as if I don’t know what they are… or do I?

So, what are “AFTERS”? They are the what the client is left with after we have finished working with them.

I have been working on the Barclay Jones’ new website @WayneABarclay (husband and business partner) and we have been focussing on who our clients are and what our benefits are.  This, along with Andy Bounds’ approach to benefits has crystallised my thinking.  Is it better systems? No…  Is it the client having an understanding of how IT can grow their business? Yawn…  Is it to have a technology aligned business strategy? I need to get to the bottom of this…

So I have finally picked up the book and have defined Barclay Jones’ AFTERS, what we leave our clients with, as:

  • Confidence to Grow
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Appropriate IT Systems (“appropriate” is my favourite, and often least used word in the IT world!)
  • Strategic IT Directors
  • Control Regained

Have I come across these AFTERS with any of my competitors? No.

Do I talk about this with my clients? Now I will be!

Earlier in the millenium, I was told by my then manager (you know who you are) that I was great at talking but even better at working under the radar.  I never understood what he meant until now.

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