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I grabbed some time with Stephen Barnhurst from Broadbean to talk to him about the current trends in job board advertising and mobile job seekers. Many recruiters wants to reduce their job board spend whilst increasing their relevant application rate and he has interesting things to say about this.

You need to listen to this interview if:

  • You are interested in online advertising for recruitment (including jobs), mobile candidates, or recruitment CRM systems.
  • You are a user of Broadbean or not… It’s not a sales pitch – Steve is known for being extremely passionate about recruitment marketing and improving the recruiter and candidate experience.

Some headlines:

  • 93% of job applications happen via a desktop, even though the number of people who search for jobs using a mobile is higher. The applications process is broken. Recruiters expect mobile surfers to turn in to people who are so desperate to apply for their “my client has a job" post, that they’ll put down their phone and login to their PC/laptop which has their CV on.
  • Will there ever be a time when a CV is not necessary for the majority of job applications?
  • Mobile has improved the speed of the application process, but not the relevance of the applicants.
  • Perhaps you are a Broadbean user? Are you abusing it / using it well? I’ve used Broadbean since its creation (many moons ago) and I am still finding recruiters who feel that it’s there to help squirt jobs on to job boards and only that
  • Steve talks about what he feels are the most useful, but often underused features and benefits of the system.
  • The volume of online job postings is going up – but so many recruiters have a strategy to reduce their job board – what’s happening

Big thanks to Steve for sparing a few minutes to chat. This interview is a great listen whether or not you are a Broadbean user (and if you are, you will hear what is on the Broadbean roadmap – some pretty exciting stuff. Some of it is top secret for now; he shared a few snippets outside of the call, and I giggled like a girl when he told me (that sounds a little rude… and geeky!)

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