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Talent is mobile, clients are mobile… Recruiters are immobile!

Only 10% of UK Bullhorn users are taking advantage of Bullhorn Mobile... why?

73% job searches on LinkedIn are taking place on smartphones, 67% of emails read on a mobile device and every recruiter is trying to get one step ahead of the competition.

The need to be agile is greater than ever, and no one wants to be held back by outdated procedures! 2016 is rapidly approaching, so get a head start on the year and get your recruiters mobile.

Barclay Jones and Bullhorn International  have teamed up to host a fantastic webinar explaining all the benefits of mobile and how you can drag your tech kicking and screaming into the mobile era!

Lisa Jones and Scott will be on hand to explain how you can make your recruitment process more mobile, agile and effective.




Who is Scott Nicholson?

I love working with recruitment businesses to make them more effective. I train recruiters to be more effective using great recruitment software like Bullhorn.

Find out more about me on my LinkedIn or view some of my previous webinars and tutorials!

Lisa Team 4

Who is Lisa Jones?

I mentor recruitment marketers to improve their brand, expand their reach and help the business attract talent and clients. I help recruitment leaders and marketers build an asset out of their Recruitment CRM.

Find out more about me on my LinkedIn or view some of my blogs and tutorials!



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